A Great All Rounder

One of the Beacon team competitively races his BF_70 and is regularly on the podium in criteriums (Cat 2) and triathlon races demonstrating the superb all round capability of the bike. It's got the perfect balance in geometry and comfort to give it an 'all round' ride. He commented that it has 'instant pick up' when he needs it. A customer recently rode his BF_70 450km from Milan to San Remo then on to Nice over three days, and cited it as the 'most comfortable bike he'd ever ridden.'


Whether it's a Sunday ride, your first triathlon with a clip-on Tri bar, your local 10 mile TT or a mid-week criterium race, the BF_70, in it's different guises delivers, when you ask it to.


Our Chief Tester - Rob Hayles: "The BF_70 has sportive geometry but the feel and ride of a race bike. Ride it all day then sprint for the line, it will respond in any situation you put it into".

Our Chief Mechanic says: "The BF_70 is a phenomenal all round ride, it's a total package when you want a bike to cover a multitude of different ride environments. It's a dream to maintain with high specification, quality, branded components. The Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels roll really well and stay true. When we put the spec of this bike together we wanted an outstanding 'all rounder' with high reliability, comfort and performance. Job done".