National Team Time Trail Winning Bike - Fast and Comfortable


Whether you are into time trialing or triathlon the BF_55 will send your PB's plummeting. Fast and comfortable, it's a speed machine but dont just listen to us here's what 220 Triathlon had to say:


Courtesy of 220 Triathlon magazine: "The BF_55 feels good from the moment you climb on board, with sharp and familiar handling. The other noticeable thing about the BF_55 is just how stiff it is. Yes it’s a comfortable place to be for long-distance bike legs and yes it’s capable of ironing out most imperfections in the road, but it’s also rock-solid. Even the slightest input on the pedals sends you surging forwards at an electrifying rate".


Race proven the BF_55 won the National RTTC Team Time Trial in 2014.  Available from £1999, demo bikes available at our superstore in Clitheroe.