A Great Place to Start

An exceptional first bike to get you road cycling, or a great quality winter training bike. The BF_20 does so much more than many of it's counterparts with great versatility from day one.  


Not only is it an outstanding bike for the weekend, but for riding to work too. With full options for a rear pannier rack it can transform into a commuter bike and as the winter arrives on can go the mudguards.  


In full configuration it can become a tourer to cover long distances or stripped down it's a bike for a club ride or a weekend run.


Spec wise it's exceptional value for money with a great quality Dedacciai ‘Black Rain’ carbon fork with alloy steerer as standard, delivering great comfort on the front end of the bike alongside high quality components from world leading brands.


If you're setting out on your cycling journey, then you won't go far wrong with a BF_20. 


Choice of configurations and differing groupset specifications for this lightweight alloy road bike:


- Straight Bar Hybrid bike

- Lightweight alloy racing bike

- Winter bike with mudguards 


Our Chief Mechanic says: '"his bike was all about designing in reliability from day one. We've chosen the spec very carefully and also ensured we've thought carefully about the geometry so as not to compromise performance or comfort. This is a lightweight, well-built premium alloy bike, which will cope with any weather and fully configured makes for a brilliant all year round ride".