Beacon was born from our desire to create a beautiful new British bike brand that was good enough for pros to win with and even good enough to win a Grand Tour upon. 

Britain is producing the best road and track cyclists in the world in Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy and yet they have almost all raced on foreign bikes. Beacon aims to produce a bike that is beautiful that is manufactured to exacting quality and also performs to meet the needs of the best. 

Our goal was to retail our bikes with the same care and attention we put into building our bikes and with a level of service that we would like to receive ourselves.  We were all tired of cliquey bike shops that wouldn't give you the time of day or made you feel inadequate if you didn't understand the difference between 'compact' or 'standard' chainsets.  We wanted to create a bike shop that broke all of those barriers and was a welcoming environment whether you are a first time novice, a seasoned club or sportive rider or a an Olympic Champion.  Beacon aims to meet the differing needs of all three!

Darrin, Spike, Iain and John with the legs and test rider's intuition of Rob Hayles, sprinkled with the commercial brains from Phil spent the best part of two years designing and building the foundations of Beacon. 

Very long days, nights and weekends were spent on the detail that goes into our bikes and then our first store, The Fell_01.  Someway down the line came the name - Beaconfell. Named after the Fell on the western aspect of the Trough of Bowland, near Bleasdale and Parlick.